Larry is meticulously installing a replacement garage door one panel at a time in Walnut Creek, CA

Larry installing a replacement garage door in Walnut Creek, CA

Walnut Creek Garage Door Installation

Hello, my name is Larry. I specialize in the installation and sale of residential garage doors. If your garage door needs frequent repairs, it may be time to upgrade to a new one. I am here to provide expert advice and guidance based on my years of experience. Let me help you find the perfect garage door replacement that meets your style preferences and practical needs. Reach out to me to take advantage of my years of experience on what has worked well and what could be better. Call Me at (925) 309-6117

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Customer Voices: Sharing Their Experiences 
'I recently contacted Same Day Garage Door Repair to set up a new door installation for my 2-car garage. Unfortunately, my old door was damaged and beyond repair after accidentally....' Read the entire review
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Installation Service Reviews From Our Customers:  
'I received a scheduled delivery of my new garage door from Same Day Garage Door Repair on Tuesday at 1 pm. The installer, Larry arrived earlier than expected, and in less than three hours...' Read the full review here
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Larry performing garage door installation is adding the final trim on a newly installed garage door in Walnut Creek, CA.

Adding the final trim for a replacement garage door in
Walnut Creek, CA

Walnut Creek Garage Doors: Trusted Brands, Proven Quality

As authorized distributors for renowned brands like Amarr and Wayne Dalton, I bring over thirty years of experience installing these brands of garage doors. My commitment to these brands stems from their proven track record in quality and durability.

Having installed and maintained these doors over the years, I've seen firsthand how they consistently withstand daily wear and tear. This exceptional resilience is a testament to their high-quality materials and strict assembly procedures. Additionally, I have observed the thorough inspection processes they use before shipping out any doors.

This image is a collage showing a range of garage doors and an installation in progress in Walnut Creek, CA.

Larry is installing garage door panels at a customer's Walnut Creek home.

Expert Garage Door Installation: Selecting the Ideal Fit and Style for Your Home

Our installation begins with a detailed measurement of your garage opening, including the side room, headroom, and backroom, to determine the proper size door. I will then show you some options and guide you through selecting the ideal material for your door—wood, steel, or aluminum. Also, the choice of insulation and the option to include windows, and explain the benefits and differences of each. When you schedule an appointment with me, I will explain in detail the various features, styles, and colors available for each door type, helping you make an informed choice.
In the sections below, I cover various door types' features and construction materials to help give you a better idea of what's available.

Discover Our Extensive Garage Door Selection

Steel garage door with four upper windows, sold by Same Day Garage Door Repair in Walnut Creek, CA.

Opt for the durability and security of our steel garage doors, a common choice for most homes.

Wood garage door with arched upper windows, sold by Same Day Garage Door Repair in Walnut Creek, CA.

Our beautiful wood garage doors bring your property a classic and elegant look.

Aluminum garage door with eight upper windows, sold by Same Day Garage Door Repair in Walnut Creek, CA.

Select our sleek and modern aluminum doors for a contemporary edge that is both stylish and practical.

Larry, our installer at work, is replacing a new steel garage door in Walnut Creek, CA.
Steel Garage Door Installation in Walnut Creek

Understanding that each home has unique requirements, we offer insulated and non-insulated steel garage doors that offer the primary benefit of super low maintenance.

Insulated steel doors are excellent for climate control and energy efficiency and ideal for attached garages and versatile spaces. Non-insulated doors are budget-friendly and perfect for detached garages or areas with less extreme weather. Amarr’s steel sectional overhead doors are ideal for these situations. Below you can explore the insulation options we offer.

Steel Garage Doors: Explore Your Options 

For steel doors, choose from single-, double--, triple-- or four-layer construction that helps reduce noise levels and heighten energy efficiency.

Diagram showing a single-layer steel garage door with a bottom weather seal


Single-layer garage doors are a cost-effective and low-maintenance option for those who want to keep their detached garages or garages where interior temperature control is not a major concern. These doors are made of heavy-duty exterior steel, making them durable and reliable.

Diagram showing a double-layer steel garage door with vinyl-coated polystyrene insulation and a bottom weather seal.


Double-layer garage doors are designed to protect against external elements, making them ideal for attached garages that adjoin living spaces, particularly in areas with moderate climates. Constructed with heavy-duty exterior steel, these doors are durable, reliable, and require low maintenance. They feature environmentally safe, vinyl-backed insulation that enhances energy efficiency, contributing to a more stable temperature within the garage space. Additionally, the insulation helps ensure quiet operation, reducing noise from inside and outside.

Diagram showing a triple-layer steel garage door with polystyrene insulation, polyurethane insulation, steel interior, and a bottom weather seal.


Triple-layer garage doors are a top choice for their excellent energy efficiency and quiet operation. They also have a finished interior, which improves their overall durability. These strong doors are made with heavy-duty steel on both the exterior and interior, ensuring they are reliable, long-lasting, and require minimal maintenance. They include environmentally safe thermal insulation, which helps maintain a consistent temperature within the garage and reduces energy costs.

Diagram showing a four-layer steel garage door with composite overlay, steel exterior, polystyrene insulation, steel interior, and a bottom weather seal.


Four-layer constructed garage doors enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home with a composite overlay trim while simultaneously providing all the advantages of triple-layer doors. These doors are built with heavy-duty steel on the exterior and interior, ensuring durability and reliability with low maintenance. Incorporating environmentally safe polystyrene thermal insulation improves energy efficiency, leading to potential cost savings by maintaining a consistent interior temperature and providing excellent thermal properties.

Larry installing a wood garage door in Walnut Creek, CA.

Larry installing a black wood garage door and adjusting the hardware in Walnut Creek, CA.

Wood Garage Door Installation in Walnut Creek

In installing wood garage doors throughout Walnut Creek, I've come to appreciate their aesthetic and the importance of proper installation. With my extensive experience installing wood garage doors, meaning what has worked the best, and seeing what has failed over the years, I guarantee my installation skills have proven results.

Many garage door installers have experience, but only some things ensure quality. I've seen experienced installers take shortcuts, affecting the door's performance. I take a thorough approach when installing wood doors because wood behaves differently than steel, expanding and contracting at a higher rate. Most important is the stability and alignment of the surrounding structure.

My first approach is to carefully examine the framework around your door to ensure it supports the door correctly. Sometimes, this involves re-framing to guarantee the door operates effectively for many years. This detailed, adaptive approach is what I mean by "extensive experience."

Doing a good job is more than proper installation; it's about extending your door's lifespan by ensuring the entire system, the opener, spring tension, chain adjustment, sensor location, etc., works properly.

Larry is installing a replacement aluminum garage door.

Aluminum Garage Door Installation in Walnut Creek

Aluminum garage doors are an excellent choice for homeowners wanting a durable, low-maintenance option. They are lightweight, which reduces stress on the springs, rails, and openers and helps extend the door system's life.

These doors have a sleek design that complements contemporary and traditional styles, adding aesthetic value to any home. The combination of durability, reduced maintenance needs, and versatile style makes aluminum doors a practical and attractive option. Additionally, the panels are easy to lift and align during installation, and the framework doesn't have to be as heavy as other types of doors.

Why Choose Us For Your New Garage Door?

  • Wide Selection: We offer garage doors to suit every taste and architectural style, from classic to contemporary.
  • Quality Brands: We source our doors from reputable manufacturers, ensuring durability and style.
  • Customized Solutions: If you have a custom-built garage door configuration, we can have a door made to fit.
  • Professional Installation: Me and my skilled team ensures seamless and safe installation, with attention to detail and respect for your property.
  • Local Expertise: As a Walnut Creek-based business, we deeply understand local architectural styles and building codes.

Compliant with California Safety Standards

We adhere strictly to California safety regulations in all our installations. Should your garage door replacement require a new opener, we will ensure it includes a battery backup, meeting the state's safety requirements.
This commitment goes beyond compliance; it's about ensuring the safety and security of your home and family.

Garage Door Installation Reviews ⭐

"I recently contacted Same Day Garage Door Repair to set up a new door installation for my 2-car garage. Unfortunately, my old door was damaged and beyond repair after accidentally backing into it. This time, I opted for a good-grade steel door with two springs instead of the deficient-grade smaller spring in a pipe that my old door had.

To my surprise, Same Day Garage Door Repair was able to send Larry, their technician, to my house with a new door within 24 hours. The installation process was incredibly professional, and I am beyond satisfied with the outcome. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of garage door services.

Discovering that my old, three-year-old door was a builder's special made with the lowest-grade pressed cardboard and styrofoam was disappointing. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, I am grateful for the excellent service provided by Same Day Garage Door Repair."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Reviewed by: Ethan Moore
Date work performed: 8/5/2023 Stars: 5/5

Service Provided: Installed new Amarr steel garage door.

"I received a scheduled delivery of my new garage door from Same Day Garage Door Repair on Tuesday at 1 pm. The installer, Larry arrived earlier than expected, and in less than three hours, he had installed the new door.

The new door was significantly better than the builder-installed door. Larry was fantastic in terms of being organized and efficient. He removed the old door and installed the new one quickly, cleaning up as he went.

Once finished, he adjusted the door and the opener to make sure everything was properly functioning. Additionally, he made some adjustments that made the opener more secure. Finally, he removed the old door from the premises."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Reviewed by: Daniel Martin
Date work performed: 3/14/2023 Stars: 5/5

Service Provided: Installed a replacement garage door.

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Understanding Garage Door Replacement: A Customer's Guide

Below is a conversation transcript between Larry, the owner of Same Day Garage Door Repair, and a customer interested in replacing their garage door. The conversation provides valuable insights into the process and pricing of garage door services, demonstrating the company's commitment to transparency and customer education. In this dialogue, Larry addresses common questions such as sizing, material options, insulation choices, and pricing for insulated and non-insulated doors. Larry also explains technical aspects such as door panels and the requirement for a battery backup unit for garage door openers following 2019 regulations. This real-life example exemplifies the company's approach to customer service: clear, informative, and tailored to individual needs. Whether you need basic information or more specific technical details, this conversation is an excellent starting point to understand what to expect when considering a garage door replacement.

Transparent Pricing: A Garage Door Replacement Conversation

Larry (Same Day Garage Door Repair): Same-day Garage Door Repair
Customer: Hey, I'm just calling to see if you are able to give me a ballpark. Figure how much it would cost to replace a two-car garage door with windows insulated with just a cheap metal, whatever it is, aluminum.
Larry: It's the basic door with windows.
Customer: Yes.
Larry: No insulation.
Customer: Insulation, yes. With or without insulation, what do you start up at?
Larry: OK, and what size door is it?
Customer: What is it? Is it a two-car, two-car garage?
Larry: OK. So, it's either 15' or 16' wide by 7 ft high.
Customer: Correct.
Larry: That would be standard.
Larry: Is it a standard door?
Customer: Yes.
Larry: OK. Uh, and what kind of existing garage door do you have?
Customer: Yeah, the one that came with the house. I know the panels are starting to buckle. It's metal.
Larry: Uh, it is a sectional overhead garage door?
Customer: Yeah, the one with the little panels.
Larry: Yeah. So you got four panels, four sections.
Customer: There are more than four panels.
Larry: There are more than four sections?
Customer: Yeah, it's the little things; they're like 2.5' by whatever length, and then, you know.
Larry: OK. And so, you got a standard sectional for a sectional garage door.
Customer: Yes.
Larry: Uh, it should be a four-panel. Um, anyway. So you're looking for a new door. I have to ask you this because there's a new, there's a lot since 2019. If you change your top panel or door, the motor must be changed to a battery backup unit, right?
Customer: Right.
Is your opener right now a battery backup unit?
Customer: Yes.
Larry: It is OK. For a new door with windows, you'd be looking at about $2,200 installed with no insulation.
Customer: That's with no installation?
Larry: That's with no insulation, and then you'd be looking at about another $600 more with insulation. So, it costs about $2800, installed with insulation.
Customer: The $2800 with installation. And is that, is that with the windows?
Larry: Yes, $2200 would be with windows not insulated and then about $2800, with windows and insulation installed, that's installed, tax and everything.
Customer: And then, if the opener does not have a battery backup, I have to get that.
Larry: Yeah. And if the battery needs to be backed up and I change my least expensive unit, I sell three different units. So, I'm a LiftMaster dealer. So, the least expensive unit would be the chain drive, that's $850 installed. The belt drives if you upgrade to a belt drive, that one is $1000 installed.
Customer: OK.
Larry: Yeah.
Customer: OK. Well, thank you very much.
Larry: Have a good day.
Customer: Thank you
Larry: You bet. Bye.

Frequently Asked Questions

The R-value of a garage door is an essential factor in regulating the temperature of your garage. It measures the insulation efficacy of the door, which means its ability to resist the heat flow through it. Higher R-values, such as R-16 or R-32, indicate better insulation, resulting in energy savings. This feature is critical for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, reducing energy costs for heating and cooling, and ensuring your home's overall energy efficiency.

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