Larry performing garage door maintenance by lubricating the spring in Walnut Creek, CA.

Expert & Reliable Garage Door Repairs by Larry in Walnut Creek

Hi, I'm Larry, owner of Same Day Garage Door Repair in Walnut Creek, CA. For garage door repairs or replacements, call me at (925) 309-6117 or fill out our contact form.
Broken torsion springs are the most common issue, but our customers also experience problems with misaligned tracks, bent panels, off-track rollers, faulty sensors, and malfunctioning openers, including remotes that stop working. We provide same-day service for most of these issues.
I can often help over the phone with minor problems. If your door won't open or close or gets stuck halfway, you can FaceTime me, and I'll guide you through the troubleshooting steps. Sometimes, it's as simple as adjusting the opener's sensor.

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"Larry arrived at my home within an hour and fixed my garage door. It turned out that the wiring for the sensors was loose on both sides. I was impressed..."
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"I cannot express enough how grateful we were! Larry kept us informed by calling several times and came precisely when he said he would. He worked..."
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Our garage door repair services include the following:

Photo's of Common Garage Door Repairs

Larry, the repair technician from Same Day Garage Door Repair, adjusting cable tension in Walnut Creek, CA.

Adjusting Cable Tension

Fine-tuning garage door cables for smooth operation and safety.

Larry performing garage door repair by replacing a torsion spring in Walnut Creek, CA.

Spring Replacement

Replacing broken springs for smooth, reliable garage door lift. Read more..

Larry, the repair technician from Same Day Garage Door Repair, installing a new door opener in Walnut Creek, CA.

Replacing Door Opener

Installing a new opener for reliable, quiet garage door operation. Read more..

Larry, the repair technician from Same Day Garage Door Repair, fixing tracks and rollers in Walnut Creek, CA.

Tracks & Rollers Repair

Smoothing out door operation with repaired tracks and rollers.