Larry performing a Garage door repair in Walnut Creek, CA

Expert & Reliable Garage Door Repairs by Larry in Walnut Creek

Hi, my name is Larry, and I am the owner of Same Day Garage Door Repair in Walnut Creek, CA. Call me at
(925) 309-6117 if you have any questions about repairing or replacing your garage door. Or fill out our contact form.

I can also help with minor issues over the phone. For example, your entry won't open or close or gets stuck halfway open. You can facetime me, and I can walk you through getting your door working. Sometimes it can be as easy as adjusting the opener's sensor.

A broken spring is the most common reason a door won't open. In that case, I can come out and replace it.

Please get in touch with us today for all your garage door repair needs and experience our prompt and guaranteed services at (925) 309-6117. We recommend using East Bay Garage Door Repair if you are in the Concord area.

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"Larry arrived at my home within an hour and fixed my garage door. It turned out that the wiring for the sensors was loose on both sides. I was impressed..."
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"I cannot express enough how grateful we were! Larry kept us informed by calling several times and came precisely when he said he would. He worked..."
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Our garage door repair services include the following:

Photo's of Common Garage Door Repairs

This image depicts a close-up of a Same Day Garage Door Repair technician adjusting the cable on a garage door pully. They are carefully manipulating the cable tension, which is used to set the spring tension. This is a critical part of garage door maintenance, as proper tension is necessary for the smooth and safe operation of the door.

Adjusting Cable Tension

Fine-tuning garage door cables for smooth operation and safety.

This image captures a Same Day Garage Door Repair technician in Walnut Creek, CA, replacing a torsion spring on a garage door. The technician is shown with tools in hand, adjusting the hardware that balances the garage door, a critical task that requires precision and expertise. The focus and care in the technician's work are evident, ensuring the garage door's safe and reliable operation.

Spring Replacement

Replacing broken springs for smooth, reliable garage door lift. Read more..

Garage door opener installation by Same Day Garage Door Repair technician in Walnut Creek. This image shows a close-up of a Chamberlain LiftMaster Professional garage door opener with a 1/2 HP (horsepower) rating. The device is mounted to the garage ceiling, as suggested by the garage door tracks visible in the upper part of the image. The unit is a part of the machinery that automates the opening and closing of a garage door. The motor and drive mechanism housing is visible, with branding and model information displayed.

Replacing Door Opener

Installing a new opener for reliable, quiet garage door operation. Read more..

This image shows the Same Day Garage Door Repair technician in Walnut Creek working on a garage door's hardware. The focus is on the replacement of the door tracks and rollers. The technician's hands carefully align a new roller within the track, a crucial step for smooth door operation. The attention to detail suggests a commitment to quality and functionality in the repair process.

Tracks & Rollers Repair

Smoothing out door operation with repaired tracks and rollers.

Garage Door Repair FAQ

Garage Door Spring Repair is one of the most common problems we receive in Walnut Creek, CA. When the cold weather comes, we usually get an increase in garage door problems caused by older torsion springs. As the spring gets brittle with a quick change of temperature, it can snap and cause your garage to not open all the way, close all the way, or not close.
The average cost to replace springs on a garage door is $400-$600. Prices will vary depending on the materials used, door size, and location. A garage door spring repair is necessary because it supports the garage door's weight. It holds the door as it opens and closes. If a spring breaks, the door will go down quickly, and if left hanging, it can cause serious injury. It is essential to note. Both must be replaced if one spring goes out and you have two springs.

The cost will vary depending on where you live, the size of the door, and the characteristics. But you can spend as little as $200 on the job or as much as $1500 for a huge, heavy door. The average cost is about $500.

The cost of garage door rollers ranges. The cost of replacing the rollers depends on the type of garage door and the material used. Rollers can be made of either steel or nylon, with prices ranging between $36 and $90, while the cost to replace nylon rollers can be as low as $30. The cost to replace the rollers ranges from $60 to $300 and more. The cost of replacing the rollers can be as low as $100 for a steel roller and $350 for a nylon one.

The average cost to replace cables is between $150 and $300 but could be more or less depending on several factors. These include the number of springs on the door, the type and size of the door, whether the cables are attached directly to the springs or a drum, and the cost of any additional parts you may need. Most garage doors use torsion springs to lift the door, but some use compression springs. If you have torsion springs, the cables are part of the springs and will be replaced as a unit. However, if you have compression springs, the cables are separate and must be replaced.

Garage door rollers last somewhere between 7 to 10 years. It all depends on the quality, the material type, the brand, and the frequency of use. The quality of the roller should be the best. Get a branded one. The rollers will wear out sooner if the garage door is used heavily. Large doors with rollers used frequently should be checked for maintenance at least once a month to ensure proper alignment and longevity of the rollers.

The average garage door opener replacement cost in Walnut Creek is $900. That is the average amount homeowners paid for garage door opener replacement in 2023. The average replacement cost depends on garage door material, model, and repair charges. As a result, you can expect to pay between $800 and $1400, including installation costs, to replace your garage door opener. We are a LiftMaster dealer and recommend this brand.

What people are saying about our Repair Services

"I had a new garage door installed by another company on July 13, 2020. However, today, on May 16, 2023, the garage door wouldn't close. I tried contacting the company office and the technician who installed the garage door but needed help to get through to anyone. That's when I came across Same Day Garage Door Repair and decided to give them a call. Larry answered the phone immediately, and I explained the situation to him.

Larry arrived at my home within an hour and fixed my garage door. It turned out that the wiring for the sensors was loose on both sides. I was impressed with Larry's professionalism, responsiveness, and efficiency, and the pricing was very reasonable, too. Larry was indeed my hero on a Friday evening, so Same Day Garage Door Repair will always be my go-to company for all my garage door needs. Thank you, Larry, and Same Day Garage Door Repair."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Reviewed by: Dylan Robinson
Date work performed: 5/19/2023 Stars: 5/5

Service Provided: Rewired and adjusted door sensors.

"We ended up causing a huge problem while trying to fix a small one. I contacted Same Day Garage Door Repair on a Saturday just before their closing time, and they informed me that Larry would arrive between 4 PM and 7 PM.

I cannot express enough how grateful we were! Larry kept us informed by calling several times and came precisely when he said he would. He worked tirelessly until all the problems were resolved, showing remarkable professionalism, friendliness, and efficiency.

We strongly recommend Same Day Garage Door Repair and Larry, and we will let everyone know to contact Same Day Garage Door Repair for any garage door repairs. Their service was simply outstanding."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Reviewed by: Lucas King
Date work performed: 10/7/2023 Stars: 5/5

Service Provided: Re-aligned door tracks, adjusted cable tension, and lubricated all moving parts.

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