The image is from Same Day Garage Door Repair, a garage door repair service, taken during a repair job in Walnut Creek. The image depicts a close-up view of a garage door torsion spring system. This system is typically mounted above the garage door opening and consists of a tightly coiled spring mounted on a metal shaft supported by end-bearing plates. The visible spring is part of the mechanism that assists in the opening and closing of the garage door. The coiled torsion spring is under tension, which provides the necessary force to lift the heavy door. Additionally, there are safety cables threaded through the center of the spring, which are a critical safety feature as they are intended to contain the spring if it breaks to prevent it from causing damage or injury. On the shaft, there are also two drums, one on each end (though only one may be visible in the image), around which the garage door's cables wind and unwind as the door is operated. The image also shows a clamp attached to the metal shaft, holding the torsion spring in place. This clamp is being used as a safety measure to prevent the spring from unwinding while maintenance or adjustments are being made.

Close-up of a garage door torsion spring system being clamped for safe repair by Same Day Garage Door Repair technician Larry in Walnut Creek, California.

Garage Door Spring Repair in Walnut Creek CA

Are you dealing with a garage door that's stuck open, you’re likely going to need garage door spring repair. The issue is often a faulty torsion spring, and that's where I come in. At my Walnut Creek-based garage door repair service, I'm the one (Larry) the repair technition who personally handles all the repairs. This means that every job comes with my 30 years of experience, making sure your repairs get done right the first time.

Understanding Garage Door Spring Lifespan.
Springs have a cycle life meaning each time the door goes up and comes back down, that's one cycle. Springs range anywhere from five thousand to thirty thousand cycles.

Uncovering Warranty Claims and Hidden Costs
Be careful about companies that offer a two-year warranty and then companies that provide a lifetime warranty; typically, you're talking about cycle life, but I will tell you there are a lot of companies out there that offer a lifetime warranty, and then they charge you a crazy amount of money for the labor to get the door working.

High-quality Replacement Torsion Springs
Spring repair is our specialty. We offer the highest cycle life springs in the market. It doesn't matter what brand or model door you have; we carry the replacement springs on our trucks.

Fast, Same-Day Spring Replacement.

Spring replacement is by far our most common service. If you have a garage door with two springs and only one is broken, we need to replace both. We have tried to replace just the broken one, only to have to come back a few short months later and do the other one. Go figure!

Garage Door Spring Replacement, FAQ

Garage door spring replacement costs between $400 to $500, which includes tax, labor, and installation. It's difficult to tell you an exact price without inspecting the door and getting more info about it. But it's just an average price for the work. We have many satisfied customers who have been extremely happy with the service and the quality of the springs we sell. So, if you need to replace a spring, call us at (925) 309-6117, and we'll take care of the rest.

Replacing a garage door spring is not that much of an issue. But it would be best if you did it with great care and under the supervision of an expert. If you're interested in repairing it, you need to know how the spring works and how to buy a suitable replacement. The device consists of two side torsion springs, a center cable, and a pulley. First, discover the failure cause and fix it. The spring usually breaks due to age or from the overloaded weight. Next, you need to determine the size of the new spring. The repair process is as easy as removing the old one and installing the new one. An additional hardware kit will make the job even easier. If you need any advice, call me at (925) 309-6117 and ask for Larry or fill out our contact form.

Yes, you have to replace both springs. The springs on your garage door are similar to those on a car. Both are torsion springs: the type of spring with a lot of bend and twist. If you replace just one of them, the new spring will bind because the other will do more work for the same tension, resulting in a weak spring. If you replace just one, you'll find out the hard way; within a few months, I'm back replacing the other spring when it snaps. If you replace both, your door will operate correctly, with less stress on the rest of your door mechanisms.

The average garage door spring failure is after ten years of use. However, a couple of things can happen to make them last longer than the average. There are two basic types of garage door springs; extension and torsion. The following is how long each type lasts. Type of Spring Average age A Extension Spring (new) 8 years A Extension Spring (used) 12 years B Torsion Spring (new) 6 years B Torsion Spring (used) 10 years Torsion springs show signs of fatigue after three years. Also, other factors determine how long the spring will last, like how many times a day you open and close your garage door.

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