Broken garage door spring
Garage Door Spring Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

Springs have a cycle life meaning each time the door goes up and comes back down, that's one cycle. Springs range anywhere from five thousand to thirty thousand cycles.

Be careful about companies that offer a two-year warranty and then companies that provide a lifetime warranty; typically, you're talking about cycle life, but I will tell you there are a lot of companies out there that offer a lifetime warranty, and then they charge you a crazy amount of money for the labor to get the door working.

Spring repair is our specialty. we offer the highest cycle life springs in the market. It doesn't matter what brand or model door you have; we carry the replacement springs on all of our trucks.

Don't let a broken spring get your door down

Fast, Same Day Spring Replacement

Spring replacement is by far our most common service. If you have a garage door with two springs and only one is broke, we need to replace them both. We have tried to replace just the broken one, only to have to come back a few short months later and do the other one, go figure!.

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Spring repair reviews - 5 out of 5 stars
Date work performed: 8/14/2020
Reviewed by: Tom Taylor, Walnut Creek resident
I want to give a shout out to my friendly neighborhood garage door repairman, Larry. He recently replaced both springs even though only one was broken. He guaranteed that the other spring would also snap in a matter of days. He explained that there are so my cycles a spring has before it becomes too brittle and snaps. You know when a spring snaps because it sounds like a gunshot.

Larry was kind enough to come out the same day and get my door working. He gave me an estimate over the phone. The final bill was exactly what he quoted, even though he performed some other maintenance work.

My door is working perfectly, as expected. Larry is a class act and an old school mechanic that knows his stuff. He came out immediately and had all the work done the same day.

Service Provided:
Broken springs replaced. Adjusted and lubed the chain on the opener drive and re-aligned the door tracks. Cleaned the door sensor.