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We Service Overhead DoorsHighly trained service professionals

We sell and repair overhead doors in the Walnut Creek area. We specialize in all types, from custom jobs to store bought. Overhead doorways definitely make our lives a lot easier and Quite simply, when their not working properly, it's either the door alone or perhaps the door opener chain drive. It could be an issue with the steel tracks or perhaps loose mounting brackets that have broken down or perhaps seize up. A broken or maybe malfunctioning panel can be repaired by our expert staff. We have been providing  service in Walnut Creek since 1995 and we know our customers extremely well. We understand you want fast, dependable service to ensure that there are no problems getting in and out of your garage.

We know that our customers want low cost and great customer service, that's the reason that we tend to be regarded as the place to choose as your fix it company is because we simply have every one of the components, parts, tools needed to service at your location. 

We have a strong client base and additionally a high sense of integrity. Our years of servicing this area has rewarded us with unlimited referrals.

Our Overhead Door Services Includes:

  • Cable Repair
  • Pulleys Replaced
  • New Drums Installed
  • Springs Repaired and Replaced
  • Struts Aligned
  • Rollers Replaced
  • Bearings Re-packed
  • Tracks Re-Aligned
  • Hinges Reinforced
  • And Much More!

Adjusting the spring tensionWe can handle repair on any kind of Residential setups you may have along with servicing a quantity of types of commercial garage doors. In addition, if your door had been installed by another business, don't stress. Our goal will be have everything inspected and working properly again. Kindly call our technicians to describe what exactly is wrong with your door so that we might begin diagnosing the problem. Take a look at www.walnutcreekgaragedoorrepair.com to see about other solutions and specials.