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drawing of a diagram used to measure garage doorsHow to Measure Your Garage Door

Measuring the garage door for substitution or to repair a panel

1 - The first step will be measure the width of your existing door or any of the panels. Then measure the total doorway height or the elevation of the panels and also count the quantity of panels. Please keep the specifications in feet and inches.

Total Width: ________________ Total Height: _________________

The dimensions should be the same of the opening area of the garage and also will likely to be utilized to determine the door size.


2 - Moving along you need to account for the side room needed for your tracks as well as the spring assemly. It is required to enable 4", and is standard for the vertical track assembly. You need 5.5" should you decide re going to you some sort of expansion spring.


Left Side: ___________________ Right Side: __________________

3 - Header Measuring is the next upcoming step. This is the section of the garage structure that begins from the ceiling as well as extends to the top of the doorway opening.

Existing Header Height: _____________________________

Please note the amount of space required for the hardware. The hardware consists of the torsion springs and also train assembly necessary to carry your doorway. Kindly allow 10" for common hardware. If in case you have a restrictive header height we have specialized hardware for this application. The minimum for this hardware is 5".

Kindly give consideration to the actual door raising elevation if in case it extends above the doorway opening because the added distance should be added to the header height total.

Total Header Area Needed: ______________________________

4 - Now comes the travel distance of the doorway itself as this is an important meassurment. This travel distance measuring begins during the initial garage starting point and extends to the opposite end of the opposing wall structure.

Total Travel: _____________________________________

Standard garage door dimensions for homes in Walnut Creek consist of 8' width's, 9', and 16' widths. The heights are 7' tall. Same Day Garage Door Repair can custom render any size you will need for an extra cost. This is a huge advantage as it lifts all restrictions on overall door size.

By Larry - 8/23/2012